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Color Your Elephant

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How to participate:

  • DRAW and COLOR your ELEPHANT with the color of hope and courage.

  • make a PHOTO to be SENT BY MAY 10 with #iorestoacasa #iocoloroblindofer on WHATSAPP

  • have it written WHY you chose that color.

  • the most significant, creative, curious images will be published on our social networks.

  • The winning design will become our new logo for the whole of 2020, in addition to winning the € 100.00 voucher in didactic material sent home.

  • wins the competition, the drawing that by 20:00 on Sunday 10 May will have received the highest number of likes


An initiative for all children: what color do hope and courage have?

Draw the symbol of the Blindofer: the Elephant, synonymous with strength and protection. Draw it in your favorite color and tell us why.

The most significant, the most creative and the most curious images will be published on our social networks.
We will assign a € 100.00 voucher for teaching material to the child, author of the most voted drawing.

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