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Aluminum (Al) is a ductile silver-colored metal, mainly extracted from bauxite minerals, remarkably soft, light and resistant to oxidation thanks to the formation of a very thin oxide layer which prevents oxygen from corrosion of the underlying metal .

Practicality, safety, ease of maintenance, lightness, strength and resistance: these are the characteristics of the aluminum used by Blindofer for its coatings. A natural and 100% recyclable metal, which has the following advantages:

  • practicality: it is light and easy to maintain;

  • safety, as it is robust and durable;

Furthermore, the aluminum panels respond to characteristics that today are a fundamental requirement for every type of product or service: energy saving and eco-compatibility, characteristics that are necessary in an economic system increasingly oriented towards the conservation of resources for generations. future and respect for the environment.

  • they are environmentally friendly, being composed of natural metal and 100% recyclable;

  • they are energy-saving, contributing to thermal and acoustic insulation, and being water-repellent and highly resistant to bad weather such as air and wind;

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