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First choice essences, for quality solutions. The value of solid wood is due to very specific characteristics that guarantee the highest quality in the creation of elegant and refined cladding panels. Its wonderful shades of color, resistance to atmospheric agents, durability, ecological value thanks to the possibility of being easily recycled: these are the strengths of a splendid natural material.

From the heart of the tree
It is obtained only and exclusively from the internal part of the trunk: the heartwood. Subjected to a drying process, diversified in terms of methods and times depending on the various species, solid wood is used without first allowing it to undergo particular types of treatment - apart from the anti-woodworm - which can modify its peculiarities from the point of view. aesthetic and chromatic.
We design and manufacture solid wood cladding panels using the best essences that mother nature offers today. The range of nuances that it offers is really very generous in shades that offer their peculiar and vivid brilliance to the eye. The colors and shades available differ according to the type of tree from which the wood is extracted and allow you to admire an inimitable and evocative natural brightness.

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