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Laminated wood and lots and lots of attention to detail. The pantographed faux solid wood cladding panels that we offer are made using laminated wood glued with melamine glues resistant to the action of atmospheric agents. The quality of the bonding is fundamental as it allows us to obtain a final product capable of coping very well with indirect exposure to sunlight and above all humidity. The arrangement of the fibers in the layers below the surface, helps to recreate the solid effect, while a particular method of layering the lamellae allows the product to be protected over time from possible surface cracks or splits.

Marine plywood: effective moisture resistance
It consists of wooden lamellas obtained from the bark of trees and held together by the action of a special glue that is totally impenetrable to water. The marine plywood thus obtained is processed with a procedure that makes it completely waterproof and this characteristic transforms it into the most suitable solution for cladding panels to be installed outdoors in particularly humid areas. It is a very precious wood, unalterable to the penetration and action of water and very suitable for the production of pantographed panels with a lacquered effect.

Water-repellent MDF: durability and convenience
It offers the advantage of effectively counteracting the action of water and humidity and makes it possible to offer pantographed lacquered panels with a stylish, original, sophisticated and, at the same time, very affordable design. The water-repellent MDF is obtained through a manufacturing process that starts from using the shredded round wood in order to have wood chips from which, by refining, fibers are obtained. The latter are first made to adhere with a product that can also provide a hardening effect, then they are hot pressed using specific synthetic resins that perform the action of glue.

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