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A patented heart

for your safety.

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Difficult to Conquer

Thanks to its structure and conformation, the rotor offers unparalleled resistance to any manipulation attempts.

In addition, a manganese steel plate is optionally available, which protects the lock from conventional burglary and perforation attempts.

Unique key

OMEGA® locks are supplied with keys with relevant Ownership Cards on which the indirect code is stamped for any key duplicates.

The presentation of the card accompanied by the key allows duplicates to be obtained at the authorized Mul-t-lock Center.

Certification and Patent

The OMEGA® security platform is a Mul-T-Lock® exclusive, certified and fully patented, guaranteeing the highest level of security, thanks to the "protected duplication service" and 7 UNI EN 12209: 05 certification

Re-encryption and Reversibility
The number of OMEGA® lock combinations exceeds 10 million. In case of loss of the key or for security reasons, it is possible to cancel or modify the combination twice, ensuring three "screws" to your lock, always maintaining the High Security level of the product.

Instructions for Use


If the lock is equipped with a black construction key, this is automatically deactivated when the key with green insert is first inserted and turned.


Once the blue package has been opened , the keys with the green insert will be used to operate the lock and therefore, open and close the door in normal daily use.


The ownership card contained in the sealed black envelope must be kept in a safe place.

This will be used when making a copy of the key and must be presented to our company whenever there is a need to duplicate the key.


The white package contained in the blue package must be kept in a safe place and must be opened only in case of need (change combination) .

change combination

The OMEGA PLUS lock allows you to make 2 combination changes, guaranteeing “3 LIVES” to your lock. In fact, the loss of keys will not be a problem. Thanks to the possibility of changing the combination, you will maintain the high level of safety of the product.

It is advisable to change the combination with the door open.


Once the need for combination change arises:

1. Retrieve the white envelope and open it.

2. Remove the key with the yellow insert, insert it into the lock and make at least one complete turn. From this moment you will have activated this key and deactivated the previous ones (with green insert) which are therefore unusable.

3. Destroy the old keys and request the necessary duplicates (with yellow inserts) from our company, showing the new key and the ownership card.

4. Subsequently, always request a key with a red insert from our company (showing the ownership card) and keep it in a safe place. In this way you will have a further possibility to change combination, if necessary (repeat the procedure from point 2).

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