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accessories for windows from different eras

These accessories are suitable for a variety of window types, which were common in the late 19th and mid-20th centuries.

They reflect the specific peculiarities of the country or culture in terms of the use and function of the windows in those times.



arched duplex


arched triplex

arched with key


arched duplex with key

arched triplex with key



Handles, foot pegs, cremone bolts and connecting rods were usually visible and in the past had a much higher aesthetic value than they have today. Fittings not only have the practical function, such as opening, closing and airing, but also should enhance and beautify the windows.

Some manufacturers still produce these historic fittings today, with great attention to detail, which gives us the ability to equip the steel windows for the national heritage with accessories that meet the expectations of historians and architects specializing in the conservation area.

These historic accessories exude a strong nostalgia and mainly due to their rudimentary functions and playful character, they are increasingly used for classic windows in contemporary architecture.

Discover the accessories for

m50 and W75

The long life of steel and bronze windows is supported by the appropriate accessories. But fittings shouldn't just be durable; enhance the elegance, character and style of a window.

The fittings are made from high quality materials such as brass and stainless steel and are available in a range of attractive finishes such as satin nickel, gunmetal or dark bronze to suit different applications. A selection of handles, brackets, folding openers, hinges, pins, hooks and bolts allow the window to open in various ways.


cast iron look

polished chrome

polished nickel

satin nickel

dark bronze

satin brass

polished brass

The design of the handles of the TIMELESS collection dates back to the period from 1815 to 1950. The authenticity of the models characterizes the entire series, which is based on the original designs of the time, with flat rosettes and plates applied with screws as in the times past, with brass as the base material and original finishes in glossy or matt nickel or unvarnished brass. Where necessary, this retro style is mixed with the contemporary functionality of safety locks and spring mechanisms.


simplicity in the cylindrical form

PBL20XL-50 satin stainless steel.jpg

satin chrome

PBL20XL-50 bronze.jpg


PBL20XL-50 satin black.jpg

satin black

satin chrome

PBT20-50 satin stainless steel.jpg


PBT20-50 bronze.jpg

satin black

PBT20-50 satin black.jpg

Simplicity is the key to the success of this collection, whose central theme of each element is the cylindrical shape. The vertically applied T-handles have enjoyed great international success and have become an icon in the world of furnishing accessories.

The ONE series has a unique feature: by skilfully combining models, shapes and finishes, it adapts to any type of interior, from the most classic to the most modern as well as to the industrial style. The ONE collection is perfect in any case.


retro style with contemporary functionality

'Details are not just details, they bring design to life' Charles Eames

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