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The era of FerroFinestra begins.


The style of the thirties, now also a thermal break

The FerroFinestra W50 TT MOGS system arises from the need to maintain exactly the same shapes as the original FerroFinestra, in a thermal break version. The innovative high-density polyurethane used to create the thermal break, together with the possibility of installing a high-performance insulating glass, makes it possible to fully respond to the current legislation on the energy containment of buildings and the contemporary needs of living comfort, even where a higher level of insulation is required than the classic FerroFinestra. Extensive dedicated accessories, multiple finishes, in every type of opening.

W50TB Steel rev02.png
Trasmittanza Termica.png

Thermal transmittance *

Uw = 1.9 W / m2k

(with Ug = 1.2 W / m2k)

Tenuta all'Acqua.png

Water tightness

Class 7B - 300 Pa

EN 12208


Wind load resistance

Class C3 - 1200 Pa

EN 12210


Air permeability

Class 4 - 600 Pa

EN 12207

* calculated on standard / standardized window frame dim. 1230x1480 mm according to the UNI-EN 14351-1 standard

W40 (3).jpg
W75TB Steel 2018.png

"Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing more to take away"

The new FerroFinestra W75 TB MOGS system maintains the elegant and clean design of the successful FerroFinestra family, offers exceptional thermal insulation with minimalist profiles, and also includes the tilt and turn opening mechanism.

The new W75 TB extends the successful FerroFinestra family in the thermal break version, maintaining the characteristics of thinness, simplicity and rationality of the lines.

In the double series for doors and windows, the new system also includes the tilt and turn opening mechanism. Available in pickled steel, galvanized steel, Aisi 316L stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel and in the prestigious Architectural Bronze, the new FerroFinestra W75 TB allows the creation of doors and windows of refined elegance, especially in the refined industrial style.

The profile depth of 75 mm allows the housing of energy-efficient insulating glass up to 52 mm. The glass fiber reinforced polyamide insulation guarantees excellent thermal insulation. The W75 TB system thus responds to the most demanding projects, with very high insulation requirements.

The 25 profiles in the range are completed by a wide range of exclusive accessories and complements, reproduced from original designs of the modern age.

Trasmittanza Termica.png

Trasmittanza termica*

Uw=1,0 W/m2k

EN ISO 10077-1

Tenuta all'Acqua.png

Tenuta all'acqua

Classe 9A - 600 Pa

EN 12208


Resistenza al carico del vento

Classe C5 - 2000 Pa

EN 12210


Permeabilità all'aria

Classe 4 - 600 Pa

EN 12207


*calcolata su serramento campione/normalizzato dim. 1230x1480 mm secondo norma UNI-EN 14351-1

Love at first, second, third and fourth sight.

W75TB Steel 2018.png

galvanized steel

W75TB Inox 2018.png

stainless steel

W75TB sormonto Cor-Ten 2018-A.png

cor-ten steel

B75TB Bronze rev02-A.png


The very thin profiles that characterized the "iron windows" of the Thirties, with tight lattices in "English style", are re-proposed with the performance of modern fixtures.


Space for natural light

With the new FerroFinestra W75 TB MOGS system we have followed the most current trends in the world of architecture: lightness and brightness.

Its exclusive "double L" shaped glazing bead with perimeter shutter enhances the rigorous geometry of the structure and transforms the window into a design object.






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