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Security Cabinets

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Take some special steel plates and build a box.

Naturally, the doors of an armored cabinet are the most delicate part: it is here that the latch mechanisms are housed which, set in motion by the classic external handwheel, prevent the door from opening. And then there are the locks and the three coaxial disc combiners which in turn lock the latches in the closed position.


Each situation CREATES a different need.

Each creation CREATES a different image.

Just like A TAILOR, lover of deep craftsmanship passion, Blindofer specializes in special or particular creation on every type of product, respecting tastes and beauty, between modern and tradition, taking care of the ORIGINAL principle of safety in the smallest details.

No smoking free.


Rear counter armored Tobacconist display.

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Which wardrobe is right for you?


AR / P

The small armored cabinet.

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AR / G

To protect your assets and values and you need large capacities.

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The armored cigarette display stand.

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