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Incredible security

at an affordable price.

The security door is for everyone.

cmOne is an essential security door, but absolutely functional and aesthetically flexible.

upper transverse reinforcement

closing rod

central longitudinal reinforcement


external sheet

internal lining

door lock

Porta Blindata mod. cmOne_Spaccato.png



upper diverter

security post

lower diverter

Draft Excluder


  • Frame made with 2mm thick steel box profiles;

  • Door made of 2mm thick steel sheet;

  • Three longitudinal reinforcements and two transversal omega reinforcements made with 1.5mm thick press-folded steel sheets;

  • Perimeter fairing made of 2mm thick steel sheet;

  • Two steel hinges with electro-welded ball bearings between frame and sash;

  • Three fixed bolts on the hinge side in anti-tear function;

  • OMEGA plus lock - in accordance with uni en 12209: 2005 Class 7 - triple expansion with TRIPLE BIT keys - DEFENDER (consisting of an anti-drill manganese steel plate) to protect the locking device, consisting of a microfusion core which protects and contains the rotor. The introduction of the key moves a series of pins connected to the gear which moves bolts and rods, independent of each other;

    • Equipment : n. 3 keys (green insert) + n. 1 key (yellow insert) + n. 1 ownership card for key duplication with green, yellow and red insert;

    • Duplication : controlled at Mul-T-Lock Centers exclusively through the ownership card containing the indirect codes absolutely necessary for the electronic duplicating machine;

  • Double horizontal closing deviator lower 18 mm ;

  • Top vertical locking rod 18 mm ;

  • Perimeter gaskets and lower adjustable draft excluder;

  • 8 mm smooth external coating in MDF coated with resins;

  • 8 mm smooth internal coating in MDF coated with resins;

  • Painting at 180 ° C with thermosetting epoxy powders;



  • Internal handle in OLV or OCS;

  • Escutcheon in OLV or OCS;

  • Peephole in OLV or OCS;

  • External knob in OLV or OCS;


  • Concealed hinges;

  • Security post for closing from the inside;

  • Opening limiter;

  • Double horizontal closing diverter 18 mm ;

  • Electric strike;

  • Pantographed coating in 8mm or 15mm okoumè marine plywood;

  • 22mm solid wood cladding;

  • Aluminum coating;

  • Stone cladding;

  • Metal coating;

  • Counter frame made with 2mm thick steel box profiles;

  • Omega Plus LOCK lock;

  • Omega Plus MULTIFUNCTION double mechanism lock with service key with European profile cylinder;

Data sheet

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Instruction Manuals

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Choose the Shape

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Difficult to Conquer

Thanks to its structure and conformation, the rotor offers unparalleled resistance to any manipulation attempts.

In addition, a manganese steel plate is optionally available, which protects the lock from conventional burglary and perforation attempts.

Unique key

OMEGA® locks are supplied with keys with relevant Ownership Cards on which the indirect code is stamped for any key duplicates.

The presentation of the card accompanied by the key allows duplicates to be obtained at the authorized Mul-t-lock Center.

Certification and Patent

The OMEGA® security platform is a Mul-T-Lock® exclusive, certified and fully patented, guaranteeing the highest level of security, thanks to the "protected duplication service" and 7 UNI EN 12209: 05 certification

Re-encryption and Reversibility
The number of OMEGA® lock combinations exceeds 10 million. In case of loss of the key or for security reasons, it is possible to cancel or modify the combination twice, ensuring three "screws" to your lock, always maintaining the High Security level of the product.

logo serratura omega

A patented heart

for your safety.

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